Gas station

At our partner petrol station you will find the best possible offers.

You will find fair fuel prices in addition to diesel and super-95 which also have diesel tech, super 98 and fuel oil.

In addition to credit cards (except American Express) and ATM cards, you can also pay with the fuel cards Routex and DKV.

This gas station also carries gas bottles (propane) of 5 kg each. And 10 kg.

In the summer, you can also find ice cubes and crushed ice, in the shop you can also find fresh pastries as well as cheeses etc.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri from 06:00 – 21:00, Sat – Sun and holidays from 08:00 – 20:00

Car wash

Our partner petrol station also offers car wash.

Auto service

Our partner petrol station also offers a quick service with many possibilities as well as lamps controlled fluids, air in the tires and freeze protection.

This gas station offers fast
Oil service and full service
Tire mounting or just toggle
Tire repair
Change the brakes
Underbody protection
Replace all fluids
Air service
Exhaust assembly
Springs and shock absorbers
Lamps exchange, etc.